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GPS for Mariners HandbookGPS for Mariners

Replacing our prior GPS course is a modern learning experience that focuses on the GPS equipment typically owned by the recreational boater. GPS for Mariners is a course that has resulted from an exciting synergy between textbook's publisher, the book's author, and the Auxiliary. The course includes the book and some terrific PowerPoint support materials.

The recommended presentation of the course involves inviting participants who already own hand-held GPS units to bring them to the class, increasing interactivity of the educational experience and getting students more involved. However, this class is so effective that even those not possessing handheld units will learn how to use a GPS for practical recreational boating. In addition, the interactivity of the course should encourage our Recreational Boating Safety Partners to want to sponsor GPS for Mariners classes since it should increase their sales of handheld GPS units.

The course is flexible enough that it can be structured around a «-day format for a basic introduction to GPS or a full-day experience that gets more heavily into navigating with GPS, utilizing and setting waypoints and more advanced navigational applications with GPS. Those interested in the full-day course may also be good candidates for our Navigation course.

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