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Members Deck

Current Uniforms of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

Uniform Insignia - Designation of Office and Member

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Dinner Dress BlueService Dress BlueWinter Dress Blue

Left to Right: Dinner Dress Blue, Service Dress Blue, Winter Dress Blue
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(Flotilla 26-04 Uniforms)

Women's Winter Dress Blue

Winter Dress Blue

Undress Uniforms

Winter Undress BlueSummer Undress Blue - AlphaTropical Blue

Left to Right: Winter Undress Blue, Summer Undress Blue - Alpha, Tropical Blue
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Undress Blue WinterWorking Blue Summer Tropical Blue Long

Left to Right: Tropical Blue, Women Undress Blue Winter/Summer ,
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Working Uniforms:

Operational Dress Uniform

Operational Dress Uniform (ODU)
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(For Boat Crew Program)

Click here for more information on the ODU

Undress Blue - Summer Bravo Undress Blue - Summer Bravo

Undress Blue - Summer, Bravo
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Dinner Formal Dress Uniforms

Dinner Dress Blue Dinner Dress White

Dinner Dress Blue ("Dress Mess Blue"), Dinner Dress White ("Dress Mess White")


Service Dress Whites Dinner Dress White

Service Dress Whites - Dinner Dress Whites
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