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Vessel Examination Staff Officer

Ref. Auxiliary VE Instructor Guide (CIM16796.4) (ANSC 2003)
Vessel Examiner Student Material (ANSC 2000)
Includes: Auxiliary VE Manual (CIM16796.2) (ANSC 2001)
Auxiliary VE Study Guide (CIM16796.5) (ANSC 2002)
CMB Checklists 1995 (AUX-204) (ANSC 7012)
VSC Card & Instruction (VSC Info System, CG-5232) (ANSC 7045)
Personal Watercraft Craft Check Sheet (AUX-204A) (ANSC 7011)
PFD Panda Award Card (ANSC 6048)
Vessel Facility Check Off Form (CG-2736) (ANSC 7003)
Auxiliary Web Site (http://www.cgaux.org).


a. Exercise staff responsibility and supervision over all matters pertaining to the flotilla's VSC program, and the inspection of facilities; and keep flotilla members informed of all developments in the program.

b. Unless otherwise directed, you are to schedule qualified Auxiliarists to perform specific activities in your area of responsibility. The schedule must include a specific time and place for the activity.

c. Maintain close liaison with the Division Vessel Examination Staff Officer (SO-VE) to implement the VSC program established for district-wide or division use.

d. Coordinate and cooperate with the Flotilla Member Training Staff Officer (FSO-MT) to encourage and increase the number of qualified vessel examiners.

e. Maintain a close contact with flotilla vessel examiners to encourage increased activity and maintenance of uniformly high standards.

f. Maintain current records of facility inspections, VSCs, decal distribution, and for such other purposes as may be required to effectively discharge your responsibilities.



a. In coordination with the Flotilla Operations Staff Officer (FSO-OP), develop and direct an organized program of early activity for securing 100% facility inspections prior to the district deadline date. Provide facility owners a copy of checklist at least 2 weeks in advance of inspections.
b. Co-chair, with the FSO-MT any required seminars for vessel examiners utilizing nationally approved guides. Establish a follow-up system to ensure that all attend the seminar, offering make-up seminars when necessary.

c. Do the utmost to ensure the quality and integrity of all such examinations and inspections.

d. Actively advertise the VSC program to the public, coordinating with the Flotilla Public Affairs Staff Officer (FSO-PA), and foster a close understanding of the programs among state and municipal boating officials for the purpose of stimulating greater public participation and increased examiner activity.

e. Encourage continued qualification of new examiners by assisting the FSO-MT in organizing and supervising periodic training sessions, seminars and workshops.

f. Maintain current records of facility inspections and courtesy examinations.

g. Ensure that all reports relating to courtesy examinations and facility inspections are correctly completed and promptly forwarded.

h. Maintain close liaison with the Division Vessel Examination Staff Officer (SO-VE) to ensure prompt and direct exchange of information vital to the conduct of the VSC program.

i. Report monthly to the Flotilla Vice Commander about the progress and activities involved in carrying out assigned duties and on the status of the courtesy examination program and facility inspections.

j. In cooperation with the Flotilla Information Systems Staff Officer (FSO-IS), establish a follow-up system to ensure that no examiner loses qualification from failure to perform the minimum number of courtesy examinations each year.

k. Issue VSC decals (Seals of Safety) to flotilla examiners, and maintain accountability of all decals provided for the flotilla's use.


a. Qualified VEs with at least one other non-VE flotilla member should man each ramp, at which the flotilla routinely examines, with a VSC station every Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday during VSC Month (15 May - 15 June). The schedule of ramps to be manned and the list of personnel manning should be finalized before the April meeting.

b. Examiners should be assigned each weekend to specific marinas, at which the flotilla routinely examines boats, with particular emphasis on VSC month.

c. The FSO-VE will report at each flotilla meeting which ramps were manned during the preceding month and which marinas were covered. The examining plan for the following month should be finalized.

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