U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 05-03 - 8th Eastern District


Members Deck

Secretary/Records Staff Officer

Ref Auxiliary -- Record of Unit Meeting (CG-3615) (ANSC 7017)
Auxiliary Web Site (http://www.cgaux.org).


a. Maintain close liaison with the Division Secretary/Records Staff Officer (SO-SR).

b. Be responsible for the recording and publication of the minutes of the flotilla when it meets in official sessions.

c. Maintain a current record of flotilla officers, committee assignments and such other appointments as may be made by the FC.

d. Maintain a current list of division officers.

e. Maintain such other records as may be required to ensure the correctness and continuity of administration.



a. Assume staff responsibility for matters pertaining to administrative and personnel reporting.

b. Maintain a current roster of flotilla members. Cooperate with the Flotilla Information System Staff Officer (FSO-IS) in ensuring the member's records in AUXMIS are correct.

c. Maintain a copy of the division and flotilla Standing Rules and other records as may be required to ensure the correctness and continuity of administration.

d. Conduct ballot by mail when so directed.

e. Submit articles to the unit publication when deemed necessary to keep the membership informed or when requested.

f. Actively take part in the planning and execution of seminars, workshops, forums, and panel discussions.

g. Report monthly to the Flotilla Vice Commander about the activities and progress in carrying out these duties.


a. Maintain mailing lists for all members, and prospective members. Coordinate with FSO-PS and FSO-IS to ensure a correct, up-to-date list.

b. Make a monthly mailing of the flotilla meeting notice, with meeting agenda, to all categories of members. Notices are to be mailed so as to be delivered no later than the Monday prior to the meeting.

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