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Public Education Officer

Ref: Auxiliary Web Site (http://www.cgaux.org).
Public Education Course Report (CGAUX-28) (ANSC 7033)
NOTE: A one-time issue was made to Flotillas and Divisions of the Public Education Officers Guide. These are intended to be passed on to each successive FSO-PE. If you do not have one, ask previous FSO-PE and SO-PE if they still have it in their files.


a. Exercise staff responsibility and supervision over all matters pertaining to the public education program, which includes the scheduling, organization and conduct of flotilla public education activities; and keep flotilla members informed of all developments in the program.

b. Unless otherwise directed, you are to schedule qualified Auxiliarists to perform specific activities in support of the public education program. The schedule must include a specified time and place for the activity.

c. Maintain close liaison with the Division Public Education Staff Officer (SO-PE) in order to implement the public education programs established for nation-wide, district-wide and division-wide use.

d. Coordinate and cooperate with the Flotilla Member Training Officer (FSO-MT) to increase the number of qualified instructors.

e. Maintain a close contact with flotilla instructors to encourage increased activity, and maintenance of uniformly high standards.

f. Forward to the SO-PE such methods, training aids, course materials, or other educational tools developed within the flotilla that may have division-wide application



a. Report monthly to the Flotilla Vice Commander all progress and activities in the field of public education.

b. Supervise and coordinate the activities of all individuals appointed to assist you with the PE program.

c. With the Flotilla Public Affairs Staff Officer (FSO-PA), plan, organize and direct programs and activities to promote and publicize boating safety and Auxiliary public education courses in schools Systems, camps, clubs and industry groups.

d. With the Flotilla Personnel Services Staff Officer (FSO-PS) plan to have the Auxiliary and Auxiliary membership discussed with the students in each public education course.

e. Assist the Flotilla Member Training Staff Officer (FSO-MT) in organizing periodic workshops and any required headquarters approved seminars, in the training of instructors, and in instructor improvement programs.

f. Encourage and assist in the development of training aids for use by flotilla instructors, and in the participation in the district and national training aids contests.

g. Maintain familiarity with the course content and instructional requirements of all approved public education courses.

h. Ensure that all forms relating to public education activities are correctly completed and promptly forwarded.


a. Appoint a class chairman for each PE course conducted whose duties are to attend each class and provide the projectors, slides and other audio-visual aids for use by the instructors. Detailed duties of the class chairperson are given in Chapter 14 of CG-336, Auxiliary Instructors Text.

b. Coordinate with the FSO-PA on the schedule of PE classes so that media notices of each class will appear at least 4 weeks before the start of the class.

c. Coordinate with the Flotilla Finance Staff Officer (FSO-FN) so that a sufficient supply of textbooks is available for each PE class.

d. Maintain an up-to-date inventory, and custody list, of all Coast guard and flotilla-owned property for use in the public education program. This is to include all movie and slide projectors, video players and monitors, film tapes, CD-ROMs, and slides, and any other audio-visual aids. Coordinate and cooperate with the applicable staff officers in keeping the inventory and custody list correct.

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