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Public Affairs Officer

Ref: Public Affairs Officer Guide (M5728.3 series) (ANSC 5008)
Unit Monthly Public Affairs Activity (CGAUX-37) (ANSC 7031)
Auxiliary Web Site (http://www.cgaux.org).


a. Exercise staff responsibility and supervision over all Auxiliary public affairs and public information matters within the flotilla, and keep flotilla members informed of all developments in the program.

b. Unless otherwise directed, you are to schedule qualified Auxiliarists to perform specific activities in your area of responsibility. The schedule must include a specific time and place for the activity.

c. In cooperation with the Division Public Affairs Staff Officer (SO-PA), establish effective working relationships with the newspaper, radio and television media in a manner that will facilitate coverage of flotilla activities.

d. Coordinate and cooperate with the Flotilla Public Education Staff Officer (FSO-PE) and Flotilla Vessel Examination Staff Officer (FSO-VE) to encourage effective coverage of their activities.

e. Originate, as appropriate, articles for flotilla, division, district and national publications, clearing them with the Flotilla Commander (FC) for forwarding to the SO-PA.

f. Promote the best possible public image of the Auxiliary in the flotilla and division.



a. Develop and direct an organized program of activities to obtain Auxiliary publicity.

b. Be familiar with the Publications Staff Officer's Guide to originate as appropriate, articles for flotilla, division, district and national publications, clearing articles as required with the Flotilla Commander, Director of Auxiliary, etc.

c. Promote the best possible image of the Auxiliary.

d. Assist the FSO-PE and FSO-VE by preparing and distributing all advertising and publicity for services offered to the public.

e. Assist the Flotilla Career Counselor Staff Officer (SO-CC) by preparing and distributing all advertising and publicity concerning the Academy Introduction Mission (Project AIM) and the Recruitment Assistance Program Project RAP).

f. Cooperate with the Flotilla Publication Staff Officer (FSO-PB) in obtaining action photos of flotilla activity for publication in the flotilla and division newsletters, the district and national publications, and for entering in any district and national photo contests.

g. Take part in the planning and conducting of seminars, workshops, forums, and panel discussions.

h. Maintain close liaison with the SO-PA to ensure an effective and coordinated program within the division.

i. Ensure that all forms in regard to public affairs activity are correctly completed and promptly forwarded.


a. Mail news releases for all PE Classes to newspapers and radio & TV stations in sufficient time so that publicity is given four weeks before the scheduled start of each class.

b. Mail news releases concerning all VSC stations to be manned by the flotilla to newspapers, radio, & TV stations in sufficient time so that wide publicity is made at least two weeks before the scheduled station.

c. Mail news releases to newspapers and radio & TV stations concerning other activities of the flotilla so as to create more local knowledge of the Auxiliary and the flotilla in order to create more interest and obtain more members.

d. Coordinate with the FSO-VE on planned VSC stations so as to have sufficient "handouts" available for the non-VEs manning the booth.

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