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Ref: Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual (Ml6798.3 series) (ANSC 2007)
Vessel Facility Inspection & Offer of Use Form (CG-2736) (ANSC 7003)
Auxiliary Radio Facility Inspection Report (CG-2736A) (ANSC 7004)
Aircraft Facility Inspection and Offer of Use Form (CG-2736B) (ANSC 7005)
Auxiliary Web Site (http://www.cgaux.org).


a. Exercise staff responsibility and supervision over all flotilla operations programs, including search and rescue (SAR), regatta, safety and/or air patrols, and keep flotilla members informed of all developments in the program.

b. Unless otherwise directed, you are to schedule qualified Auxiliarists to perform specific activities in your area of responsibility. The schedule must include a specific time and place for the activity.

c. Maintain close liaison with the Division Operations Staff Officer (SO-OP), cooperating in every way, to ensure prompt and direct flow of information vital to authorized Auxiliary operational activities.

d. Coordinate and cooperate with the Flotilla Member Training Staff Officer (FSO-MT) to develop and supervise training exercises in SAR procedures for Auxiliary facilities. Ensure that every deployment of an operational facility for any activity on behalf of the Coast Guard Auxiliary or Coast Guard is under Coast Guard reimbursable or non-reimbursable patrol orders.

e. Maintain close contact with facility owning members to encourage operational activity and maintenance of uniformity and high standards.

f. Maintain current records of Auxiliary facility characteristics including information useful for SAR as may be required to effectively discharge your responsibilities.



a. Assume responsibility for the scheduling, organization and conduct of all flotilla operations, including safety patrols, regatta patrols, chart updating patrols, support missions, etc. Ensure that all such activities are performed under Coast Guard reimbursable or non-reimbursable patrol orders. Provide a copy of the schedule of patrols by flotilla members to the SO-OP.

b. When a member scheduled for a patrol cannot perform the patrol, attempt to have the patrol taken by some other member. Keep the SO-OP advised of any actual or potential vacancy in a previously scheduled patrol.

c. Encourage and assist with the training and qualification of members in the various aspects of operational activity.

d. Encourage increased participation in search and rescue training, safety patrols, regatta patrols, chart updating patrols and all other phases of authorized Auxiliary operational programs.

e. Report monthly to the Flotilla Vice Commander about activities and progress in the operations field.

f. In coordination with the Flotilla Communications Staff Officer (FSO-CM), arrange for the planning and conduct of communications watch-standing, communications drills, etc. If an FSO-CM is not appointed, assume the duties yourself

g. In cooperation with the Flotilla Member Training Officer (FSO-MT), take an active part in the planning and execution of seminars, workshops, forums, and panel discussions for boat crew trailing, air operations training, and any other operational training.

h. Co-chair with the FSO-MT, any required seminars for all members qualified under the Boat Crew, Air Operations, Communications Programs, or performing Operational Support Missions, utilizing nationally approved guides. Establish a follow-up system to ensure that all members attend the seminar, offering make-up seminars when necessary.

i. Maintain up-to-date lists of all facilities and, in coordination with the Flotilla Vessel Examination Staff Officer (FSO-VE) and FSO-CM, facilitate planning for early inspection of facilities.

j. Ensure that all forms relating to operational activities are completed correctly and promptly forwarded.


a. Schedule patrols by flotilla facilities at least one month in advance. Each facility owner should perform one patrol, reimbursable or non-reimbursable, each month. The schedule should consider both the facilities and the crews on each facility

b. Prepare a "crew list" of all members eligible and available to serve as crew.

c. Report at each meeting the status of the Patrol Schedule for the following month.

d. Report at each meeting the results of following the current month's schedule; who has patrolled and crewed and which facilities missed any scheduled patrols.

e. Coordinate with FSO-MT to have as many members as practicable working on boat crew qualification serve on flotilla facilities each weekend.

f. Coordinate with Flotilla Aids to Navigation Staff Officer (FSO-AN) to have facilities available to perform any verification of private aids.

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