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Communications Officer

Ref: Auxiliary Radio Facility Inspection Report (CGAUX-2736A) (ANSC 7004)
Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual (M16798.3 Series) (ANSC 2007)
Auxiliary Web Site (http://www.cgaux.org).


a. Exercise staff responsibility and supervision over all matters pertaining to flotilla communications, and keep flotilla members informed of all developments in this area.

b. Unless otherwise directed, you are to schedule qualified Auxiliarists to perform specific activities within your area of responsibility. The schedule must include a specific time and place for the activity.

c. Maintain close liaison with the Division Communications Staff Officer (SO-CM) in planning, organizing and implementing the flotilla's communication activities.

d. Ensure that every activation of an Auxiliary Radio Facility is under Coast Guard orders.

e. Inspect fixed land and land mobile radio facilities if qualified as a Communications Specialist.

f. Encourage the obtaining of additional radio facilities.

g. In cooperation with the Flotilla Member Training Staff Officer (FSO-MT), encourage increased member participation in communications training and qualification as Communications Specialists.



h. Submit articles to the flotilla and division publications when deemed necessary or when requested in order to keep the members updated.

i. Encourage the use of radio facilities and promote participation in communication drills.

j. Work with the Division Staff Officer for Communications (SO-CM) in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling Auxiliary communications activities.

k. In coordination with the Member Training Staff Officer (FSO-MT) and the Operations Staff Officer, participate in any required operations seminar. Also, develop and supervise flotilla training exercises in search and rescue communications for vessels and aircraft.

l. Maintain an up-to-date list of communications specialists.

m. Work with the Operation Staff Officer and local Coast Guard radio stations toward the provision of qualified Auxiliarists for the standing of communications watches, telephone watches, etc.


a. Maintain and publish an up-to-date emergency telephone "calling tree" for member alerting.

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