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Boat Crew Qualification Program (BCQP)

New QE Procedures

There are a number of changes for the way the QE procedures will take place and it is important that we get all QE's as well as the membership up to date on the new changes and the way we will prosecute the new procedures. There are Administrative changes as well as the operational type changes that need addressing prior to our actual implementation of the new program. The QE's will have these changes addressed to them at their Sector 2007 QE Workshops. To ensure our customers receive accurate and up-to-date information and after talking with the OTO, CWO Lukasik, a moratorium is being placed on all QE missions until the QE's have been able to attend their Sector QE Workshops. The workshops are all scheduled for early on in the year in order to achieve this goal so there should be a minimum of inconvenience to any new candidates or recertification's. This information needs to flow to all 05SR members and to do that I ask the addressees to forward ! this message as requested below. The AQEC's should be able to field any problems with this procedure. Thank you for your assistance in this endeavor.


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