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Are you a student, interested in a career with the U.S. Coast Guard? There is a program called AIM available to selected individuals through the Coast Guard Auxiliary!


Are you looking for thrill and non-stop action?

AIM may be for you! AIM consists of seven action-packed days from reveille at 0600 to taps at 2200 where students live the life of a Coast Guard Academy (CGA) cadet . The week's objectives focus on giving participants first hand knowledge of CGA empowering them to make informed decisions about applying to and attending CGA. Students experience the challenges and rewards of rigorous academic, military, and physical training. This includes morning calisthenics, sailing, touring a Coast Guard cutter and aircraft, competing in athletics, and working out in the CGA's recreational facilities.


Students must be between their junior and senior year of high school. They must be in good health, able to run, do push-ups and sit-ups, and other forms of physical fitness. Vision must be better than 20/400 and correctable to 20/20. Additional refractive error limits are specified. Weight must be proportional to height. Common disqualifiers include color-blindness and asthma.


DAY 1: Check In. Opening Session. Welcome by the Director of Admissions. Opening Social.

DAY 2: Academy Tour. Sailing. Military Training. Address by the Dean of Academics and Commandant of Cadets. Interplatoon Athletics. Mock Inspection.

Day 3: Overview of Four Academic Majors. Marine and Environmental Science Classes. Drill Practice. Interplatoon Athletics. Cookout.

DAY 4: Overview of Eight Academic Majors. Engineering Classes. Physical Fitness Capabilities. Exam Spirit Hour. Dance.

DAY 5: Obstacle Course. Sailing. Coast Guard Cutter and Helicopter Tour. Final Indoctrination. Interplatoon. Athletics. Preparation for Inspection.

DAY 6: Inspection Competition. Coast Guard Helicopter Tour. Grand Finale. Picnic. Graduation.


Visit the Coast Guard Academy web site for additional information and application.

AIM application must be turned into your local Coast Guard Auxiliarist by March 31st of the year the student is applying for. Applicants will be contacted by their local Coast Guard Auxiliarist upon receipt of application. Selection is based on individual merit and interest in the Coast Guard Academy. If selected, travel and meals will be at the student's expense.

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